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Today’s content in the context of how to listen to youtube. As well as multitasking with YouTube and how to download number one audio/video via any device, I’ll describe that.
listen to YouTube

Listen to YouTube – via Mobile

Whom people use the YouTube app on Android phones, they know very well that no other application can be used when playing YouTube app. YouTube is the world’s largest video viewing network. But do we all like to watch videos only on YouTube? There are many people like me who like to hear songs from YouTube.
But do we just use the YouTube app to listen to music? We like to listen to the song and also do another work. But the condition of the YouTube application is that it will not play in any way in the background. When You minimizing the YouTube app, that will stop the music. I have discovered many techniques to solve this problem at this time.

listen to youtube – Download application

For Computer For Mobile

In some cases, even though there I have gotten a partial solution, but it could not solve the problem completely. But a few days ago, using this new application I have released forever from this problem.

Youtube App & Multi Tasking – Is It Possible? This question may revolve around your mind, who are aware of the developer and privacy policies of the YouTube app. They know It is not possible in the YouTube application, but it can be possible in any other application. That’s why I used the Firefox browser on Android phones to solve this problem initially. But truth is, it didn’t 100 percent work. In most cases, it was not able to play the second video automatically after playing a video.

listen to YouTube - Firefox
Those who want to do this experiment, click here to download the Firefox browser for Android. Then go to YouTube anyway, Play the video and make the desktop version as the picture of above. Then take minimize the application. Then you will see, it is playing in the background.

YouTube app and multi-tasking – Because of which it is possible

Now it is a matter of fact that you made an application for only YouTube, but it does not agree to the condition of YouTube, will it survive? The answer is, No. YouTube will never approve any app like this application. But if this is the case that the serpent will die and the stick does not break,
then YouTube does not have to do anything. YouTube will not allow their videos to play in the background on Android phones. But if this is the case that the YouTube video will float on everything in a very small floating screen and you can do any other work together? Then how enjoyable will it be to you?

listen to YouTube - Fly-Tube

One such application is the Fly-Tube. It can play any video or playlist of YouTube videos as well as any other application. That means when you play YouTube videos using Fly-Tube apps, it will show a very small screen and float on top of all. And if you want, you can reduce screen size according to your needs.

Download and use

Although it was available in the Play Store at the beginning of the release of the application, it is not currently available in PlayStore. Who knows has removed it for the clever work of YouTube (I mean, Google’s). But there are no problems with downloading from play-store. I use it regularly on my phone. So I have no problem to share. Instantly download the application from the download link below.

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Click here or here to download | Size is just 3.54 MB
After the download, you can use the application using or without using your Gmail account. As soon as any video is played, it will appear on the minified screen. You can also make it bigger if you want, or you can do other work while keeping it in a minified. Everything depends on your wishes.

Listen to YouTube – via computer

Those who use desktops/laptops. They maybe know that this is very simple. Yet, (1) When you work offline on a computer, you must minimize the browser by playing any video from YouTube.But before you follow this way, should install a good ad-blocker for your browser, with possibly even a stronger antivirus, and antimalware app.
(2) If you want to listen to the video audio from youtube while working online with a computer. Then open the new tab and play the video in audio format.
Besides, you can record audio or video through the Peggo    Website. This is a simple way to turn a quick YouTube video into an MP3 file for later listening.

Also, if you want to listen offline via converting YouTube video audios, then you can download it once and listen to it according to your wishes.

How to convert video to audio and Download?

The best application to download Android’s audio/video SnapTube: Using this app, you can tell how much this application is working. This allows you to download audio/video from any website, not just from YouTube. Such as youtube, Dailymotion,
Vimeo etc. Like FlyTube, you will not find this great application in the Play Store. But do not worry, download it from the official link of the app in the link below.

listen to YouTube Snap-Tube
SnapTube – Detailed Information and Downloads | Official link

How to download audio/video via computer without
installing software: The article is growing up. So, click on the links below to know the details.
(1) How to download audio from youtube?
(2) How to download videos from YouTube?  without installing any software.

If you feel good about the article or if there is any problem then let me know through the comments. Because of an opinion of you to amend me and encourage to write articles of better quality.  Finally, I wish to you best of luck.

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