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“Cryptographic money-market capitalization” is the top of the line and first class web application, which shows constant digital currency sites, advertise capitalizations, key data, authentic and intraday outlines for in excess of 2000 coins. It is intended to permit you rapidly get a site like up and running. With CoinCompare – Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization you can distinguish promising and slanting coins, gainers and washouts, look at verifiably execution of coins.

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popular features have given below:

Multi-color. 12 color styles are provided by the application.
♦ Multi-currency. 115 fiat currencies are supported. Visitors can change the display currency. Website admin can set the default display currency.
♦ Multi-language. 20 languages are supported (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Hungarian, Greek, Slovakian, Slovenian). Visitors can switch the language. Website admin can set the default language.
♦ News ticker. News ticker on the front page can automatically rotate news headlines from virtually any RSS-compliant feed. Scrolling speed and pause between news items can be set in the backend.
♦ Configurable rankings table. Website admin can configure, which columns are displayed in the main rankings table on the front page.
♦ Real-time coins quotes. Cryptocurrency quotes are pulled from over 90 cryptocurrency exchanges, aggregated and updated in real-time.
♦ Real-time trades feed. Real-time trades data (buy/sell, quantity, price, total) is pulled from over 90 cryptocurrency exchanges.
♦ Sparkline charts. Coin performance over last 24 hours can be displayed with sparkline charts.
♦ Historical charts. Line/bar/candlestick charts are available for each coin. Charts can display both intraday and daily historical performance as well as historical volume data.
♦ Coins comparison. Historical performance of coins can be compared against each other.
♦ Detailed coins information. Summary, website, key numbers, historical quotes, twitter timeline feed is available for each coin.
Google AdSense. Responsive ad units can be easily added to the top and bottom of each application page.
Affiliate links. Earn extra money from buying/sell affiliate links, which can be placed on individual coins pages.
♦ Mobile friendly. The website is fully responsive to laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
♦ SEO enabled. Each page provides an individual title, meta, and open graph tags. Individual coin pages URLs (slugs) can be customized.
♦ Custom pages. Custom static pages can be added to the application.
♦Easy installation. Get the app up and running in 5 minutes with the built-in web-based installer. So it is best digital currency.
♦ Easy updates. The app is designed to allow for hassle-free updates without re-installing and re-configuring the app each time. DEMO

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Admin panel features:

  • Manage application settings. Redo shading plan, default dialect, default cash, rankings table sections and default sort arrange, including coins, graph composes and default period, thousands separator and decimal point, news encourages URL and parchment speed, Google AdSense settings, Google Analytics, subsidiary connections and so forth.
  • Manage coins. Edit coins info, enable / disable coins.
  • Download new coins. Automatically download new coins through the API as soon as they become live.
  • Update market data on demand. Market data is updated automatically via Cron, however website admin can update it on demand.
  • Change text strings Override default text strings (like website title etc) in any language.
  • View application log files.

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