Best Website Builder Plugin For WordPress

This plugin is a website builder WordPress Plugin. Its purpose is to provide an entire frontend solution for building from simple to complex web pages without experiencing the traditional hassle in which users normally are forced to switch between frontend and backend to check how their configurations look like.

KONG – Website Builder WordPress Plugin

website builder

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Website Builder Features

  • Realtime Dragdrop & Editor: provides the entire frontend solution for building your site, from configuring global styles with Live Customizer to designing layouts with Page Builder, Header Builder, and Footer Builder.
  • Responsive: take control over your site display on different screen sizes with a range of responsive options for changing width, spacing, alignment or font size.
  • Template Manager: Manage and save templates and widgets for reusing or sharing the purpose.
  • Shortcuts Support: Save your time by using shortcuts to perform common tasks such as closing popup, copying or pasting widgets.
  • Prototyping: Quickly prototype your layout in minutes with more than hundreds pre-built cards and presets.
  • Inline Text Editor: The Page Builder and Footer Builder support a beta version of inline WYSIWYG editor to help you edit-in-place editable elements on the page.
  • Undo/redo: Correct your mistakes with Undo/Redo feature. You are free to experiment with different design ideas.
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    Integrate 3rd plugins and services such as MailChimp, Google Map, Instagram, etc.
  • Ready for A/B testing with unlimited headers & footers
  • One page support
  • Support adaptive images to resizes and optimizes images delivered to mobile devices
  • Color presets: save your favorite colors in a collection for using across the ecosystem.
  • Gradient generator with a ton of presses
  • Easy to create a one-page website with Header and Page Builder
  • Build blocks of content with Page Builder and convert them to shortcodes. Embed the blocks in anywhere of your site
  • Mega menu support
  • Youtube video background
  • Animated transitions ready. Support complex animation like tilt or parallax scrolling
  • 15 section divider types and counting
  • Built-in modules, enable or deactivate the parts that fit your purpose. Easy to inject custom CSS or Javascript to any single page or the whole site.
  • Create Affiliate Store

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